Perchtoldsdorf,"...Von Wien in die Welt...", 2006

This exhibition, as a founder member of the aristsī group "premiere", was the first step into public. The Perchtoldsdorf community center, turned into an art gallery,was an ideal location to show pictures and installations. On 1.000m² more than 70 exhibits were presented to the audience. The opening speech was held by Brigitte Sommerbauer, city councillor in charge of cultural affairs in Perchtoldsdorf.
The buffet was provided and organised by Vineyard Fürhacker.

percht43The artistsī group "premiere"
f.l. Rosa Trzil, Anna Chalupa, Mag. Anette Tesarek, Claudia Hörhaber, Berthold C. Schwanzer

percht42© Claudia Hörhaber, "Kopf"

Experts look through the exibithions catalogue.percht40

percht47© Claudia Hörhaber, "n.T.", "n.T.", "n.T."

percht48© Claudia Hörhaber, "Bewegte See"

percht55© Claudia Hörhaber, Zyklus "Fließend"

percht63© Claudia Hörhaber, Zyklus "Fließend"

© Claudia Hörhaber, Zyklus "Fließend"percht64

percht65© Claudia Hörhaber, "Raupe", "n.T."

© Claudia Hörhaber, Zyklus "Fließend" percht56

percht57© C. Hörhaber, Zyklus "Porträt" with installation

© Rosa Trzilpercht60

percht46© Rosa Trzil

percht62© Berthold C. Schwanzer

percht41© Berthold C. Schwanzer, "Hund"

percht66© Anna Chalupa

percht67© Anna Chalupa


Vienna - "Alte Schieberkammer","ganz ohne ...", 2006

The second exhibition of the artistsīgroup "premiere" was located in the "Alten Schieberkammer", an old aquifer of the Viennese water supply system. The theme "ganz ohne ..." ("without ...") was broadly interpreted in paintings, sculptures and installations.
The opening speech to the vernissage was held by the director of the Künstlerischen Volkshochschule, Dir. Gerhard Hermanky.
Buffetorganisation: Vinyard Fürhacker.

Artistīs group "premiere" and the guest of honor schieber04
v.l. Berthold C. Schwanzer, Dir. Gerhard Hermanky, Evelyn Schmidt, Anna Chalupa, Rosa Trzil, Claudia Hörhaber, Mag. Anette Tesarek

schieber01The artist at the vernissage.

schieber02© Claudia Hörhaber, "Ganz ohne Form"

schieber03© Rosa Trzil

schieber05© Claudia Hörhaber, "Ganz ohne Form"

schieber06© Anna Chalupa, "Ganz ohne Farbe"

schieber07© Evelyn Schmidt, Installation "Ganz ohne Wasser"


Lower Austria, Raiffeisenbank Breitenfurt, 2008

This exhibition at Raiffeisenbank Breitenfurt showed selected paintings arround the topic "Ganz ohne Form" out of the cycle "Wasser".


Lower Austria, Raiffeisenbank Breitenfurt, 2011

This exhibition at Raiffeisenbank Breitenfurt showed selected paintings arround the topic "Bunt gemischt" out of different cycles.